Klaske Havik conference at ITESM

@itesm Dr. Klaske Havik is leading the chair of Methods & Analysis at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Her book ‘Urban Literacy. Reading and Writing Architecture’, which developed a literary approach to architecture and urban space was translated in Spanish as ‘Leer y escribir la arquitectura. Un viaje a través de la ciudad’ (Bogotá, 2016).

Biosphere2 presented by former Mission Vice President.

@leap Mr. Norberto Alvarez gave us a presentation of the Biosphere2 project, that amazing experiment done in the 90´s that attempted to create an autonomous structure, a simulation of a martian station, capable of producing its own oxygen, its own food and able to recycle all residues into a living ecosystem. Mr. Alvarez was Mission …

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Sketch-Up Training

Training session @leap After some weeks of hard working preparing the information that was sent to Venice for the catalogue, we programmed a training session at LEAP. We invited a former collaborator, a young architect with an outstanding ability to 3D model using Sketch-Up, to give our participants some insights on the use of specific …

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Interview session @leap One month into the AADP Program we interviewed our participants to know their opinions about the program, the videos will be part of the on-going documentation process and feedback.

Terra – GIS mapping 2

Work session @leap Terra is back at LEAP. After the first session on GIS mapping and working for a couple of weeks with the software and with the data, Enrique Salazar is back to answer questions and give us a hand with the processing of data and maps.